audience on social networks
September 8, 2018

How to develop an audience on Social Networks

By admin

Developing an audience on social networks requires a little research, intuition and creativity. It is no secret, the better we know our audience, the better we will develop relationships with them and the stronger the relationships, the greater the chances of doing business with them.

audience on social networks

So everything starts with knowing our audience. How? You cannot get to know each client or prospective client and that’s true, but that is where research, intuition and creativity come in.

So we must do to meet our audience and help to develop an audience on social networks.

We must conduct an investigation

In this phase, we must gather the most information about our target audience. Such information includes sex, marital status, age, income level, studies, job type, location, etc.

Networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer us basic demographic data, so these are a good starting point. Another way to obtain these is through email campaigns, which allows us to send surveys, another means are the new twitter surveys, and we can also ask direct questions or even interviews with customers. Remember, the more data we can obtain, the better results we will get.

Analyze the results of the investigation

Once the research is done, now we have to analyze the data. What does that data tell us? For example: is our audience composed of more men than women? Where do they live? Are there common elements among them? With enough data we can build at least two to five user profiles (taking into account sex, age, location, studies, etc.) and can organize those into users with profile A, B, C, etc.

It provides information according to the profiles built

Once we have built the different profiles of our public, we have to focus on providing them with information, with which they feel more identified.

Find out what motivates them and the areas of opportunity

No matter the profile, all users have goals and aspirations. For what we give to find as our product or service, can help them achieve those goals, as well as help them solve their problems.

Take one more step

We have already researched our community, built the different profiles, we are already providing the information they are looking for, we know what their goals are and what their areas of opportunity are, then, is there everything ready?

I would say no! Members of your audience are potential customers, but they are also human beings.

What kind of car do they drive? What kind of car do they want to drive? BMW or Audi? What sports do they play? IOS or Android? etc.

The answers to these types of questions actually train users and can help you identify them easily; we can easily communicate with them and help us create a link with them. Knowing them will help you not only to define the strategy (s) in the social networks, but to the entire marketing strategy.

Following these tips, we can develop an audience on social networks, to help us grow and achieve the goals we have proposed. It’s not a simple thing, it takes time, but in the end you’ll see the results.