June 9, 2013

SocialBro launches Tweets Analytics

By admin

SocialBro so far was focused on the analyzing Twitter communities, which among other things allows analyzing contacts and the contacts of the competences, but just throw something completely new for users of its popular application, a new feature that allows you to perform analytical content.

tweets analytics

With Tweets Analytics, which is like have called this new feature, the Twitter community managers can measure the impact of tweets sharing and interactions of each of these tweets.

This feature allows daily measure the extent of the tweets in real time in order to improve their effectiveness in the future.

Tweets Analytics delivers the following:

  • The impact each tweet has had (number of retweets, mentions and favorites) in a bubble chart.
  • Who has retweeted, mentioned and marking a tweet as a favorite of yours, so you can find the relationship you have with each person (if you follow or not, etc..)
  • The potential reach of each tweet.
  • How many clicks have had your Bitly links.
  • Overview of your activity on Twitter as social media metrics from Avinash Kaushik.