February 9, 2013

The Tweet Hereafter: The last tweet before dying

By admin

Several times we talked about what happens to the accounts in social networks when a user dies, but his legacy is present in our profiles and messages, especially the latter.

The Tweet Hereafter

So it is interesting to know the site The Tweet Hereafter, dedicated to collecting the last tweet that published a person before death. You can see messages from ordinary people, but the most popular are those from celebrities.

In The Tweet Hereafter, we can see the last 140 characters of a large number of users in alphabetical order and even includes the cause of death.

In times where every aspect of our lives is reflected in Facebook and Twitter, The Tweet Hereafter is interesting as it allows us to know that thought trivial to an unexpected death or well planned that tweet, posted by those who took their lives.

The Tweet Hereafter, is a project created by two technology professors and, although for some it may be morbid, reflection of how you live life and death in the age of social networks.

Twitter is one of the places where the news of the death (real or false) of some famous people arrives quickly and in Facebook even creates memorials for users who are no longer with us.