twitter testing ads
April 28, 2015

Twitter is testing ads to install applications

By admin

Twitter continues to experiment with new features on its microblogging social network, presenting on this occasion a carousel with ads of applications that appears in the timeline of the user.

twitter testing ads

This new ad format displays to the user a number of applications that may slide to the left and adds a button that allows you to install it. So as it can be seen by users who has come to them this new feature.

It is not the first time Twitter experience with a feature like this, but earlier ads were in smaller tweets mingled with the rest of the time line, although it also featured a button to install advertised applications.

Currently seems to carousels have disappeared, still available for only 24 hours, so it is more likely that Twitter has experimented with a limited number of users for that period of time.

This new form of advertising is a new tool in order to draw the attention of the user and for now is just an experiment, but surely we will see that once this feature incorporated officially in the social network.