February 4, 2013

Twitter reported that 250,000 accounts were compromised this week

By admin

Twitter engineers seem to have had a week moved by what we read in the latest release of the company’s blog. As has been made public, the service has been receiving several attacks in recent days by what 250,000 accounts of Twitter could have been compromised.

Twitter account attacks

According to the statement, for several days were detected unauthorized access attempts and even got to spot one that was occurring at that time. As a precaution from Twitter have started sending emails to users who may have been affected indicating that their old password has been reset and must use a new.

This attack was not the work of amateurs, and we do not try to be an isolated case. The attackers were extremely sophisticated and we believe other companies and organizations have been attacked in a similar way.

comment from Twitter.

Although affected users will have to change the password on a mandatory, since Twitter has used this incident to remind us all that we know it is important to have strong passwords and it is good time to fix them if we don’t have a good password. The recommendations that give us are known, but by no means used all over the world, and encourage us to use a password of at least 10 characters mixing letters, numbers and symbols and, of course, that is not the same as that used for other services.