July 18, 2013

Twitter updates its 7 applications with synchronization of direct messages and other improvements

By admin

Twitter announced the upgrade of its applications for Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, twitter.com, mobile.twitter.com and TweetDeck. All these applications can now more direct messages to synchronize across all devices.

Applications for Android, iPhone, iPad and mobile.twitter.com, after the update will begin to receive better search results. For example if you look at people, the results will also see the full bio of the people and if slide your finger across the screen to the left, find similar accounts.

They also included an indicator of search results that will show when there are new tweets regarding the search that they have done.

On iPhone, it is now easier to answer tweets. When viewing a tweet and touch the screen to see more details, see the box to type the answer and send it.

This app includes a new button in the navigation bar to follow recommendations on accounts similar to the Android application.

In Twitter for Mac, connect tab now includes interactions, so now you can see favorites, RTs and mentions.

From now supports seven additional languages: Danish, Filipino, Finnish, Norwegian, Swiss and Thai.