January 20, 2013

VYou will also allow to respond via Twitter

By admin

Many still don’t know too well VYou, the service of questions and answers from visitors to the site, registered users in VYou. In other words, you will ask what you want to any user of the service; you will have to respond with a video.


But many times will not be possible to respond with a video, since in certain cases a tweet will be enough; perhaps we need to send a link in reply, for those who are watching the response to come immediately. Therefore, VYou will allow their users to answer some of the questions through a message on Twitter.

This new feature has come to light thanks to own VYou measurements, where apparently the VYou users prefer and are active users of the service of Twitter, much more than the users of Facebook, for example.

VYou is a service that has grown in a very striking way since the half of the current year. We will see if it can beat YouTube in some videos of support for certain issues, which seems to be what most VYou points.