October 22, 2012

3 tools to find users with similar interests or tastes in Twitter

By admin

Twitter daily offers much valuable information on different issues, but unfortunately this information is often not organized or simply receive it when looking for information, such as some search engines, the results come with content that does not interest us.

twitter tool

Perhaps one way to go debugging information is having a list of Twitter users that we know that most of the times publish a good content and topics that interest us.

The problem is that sometimes users do not know enough to have our tastes or interests. To help with that, we bringing three web tools that reveal users according to their interest.

This web service allows you to search for Twitter users by topics of interest.

It is a directory of Twitter users that has a search engine in which we can enter a keyword such as technology and gives us a list of all users interested in technology.

Just Tweet It
Another directory where you can find Twitter users with similar tastes to yours.