February 18, 2009

A Better Twitter Search Experience is Coming

By admin

Twitter news of the day. Better search integration to come. Biz at the official Twitter blog talks about testing a new interface which places search and trend features currently found on the Twitter Search page in the top corner of each profile.

twitter search

I’m just wondering… why only now? Many people have been clamoring for an easily accessible search bar on the same profile page and this would be a terrific addition. No more need for tools like Power Twitter anymore.

It will be interesting to see how else they plan to develop Twitter search beyond the basic change in interface usability.

Twitter Search has been growing ever more popular despite the fact that it lives on a subdomain of our site. Today, we’ve placed Search and Trends into the signed-in home pages of a limited set of accounts to get a better sense of how it works for folks before we release the feature completely into the wild. Most people will not see this test, just a small, random subset.