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November 16, 2015

A tool to share on Facebook and Twitter: Buffer App

By admin

Buffer App, as its name implies, stores the links you want to spread in social networks previously mentioned, shortens directly the URLs (for Twitter) and allows you to visualize how it will view your web publishing in the Zuckerberg network.

buffer apps

The control panel allows you to:

  • Decide what time will be sent the tweets and links on Facebook.
  • Add a lot of times for broadcasting.
  • Install plugins depending on the browser, which will make it easier to add links to your Buffer.
  • Control which users can make use of the account.
  • Have immediate metrics of Twitter on the number of people who reached the Tweet, people who clicked on the link sent and the number of retweets.

It works well, especially if you’re used to using Google Reader as your source of information supply (Buffer App can be installed directly in the Google feed reader and do not need to open the link in your Buffer store …)