November 21, 2015

Get Twitter Followers – The Secret Formula

By admin

Many people do not know how to use Twitter effectively, let alone get Twitter followers. Get Twitter followers will help to create a community around your business and your brand, which are potential customers and it is necessary to love them, retain them and keep your brand in their mind when they need your product and/or services to be always the first choice.

get twitter followers

Therefore, to achieve more followers you must provide information that is really interesting and valuable to these people for them, that your Marketing strategies with Twitter really be effective and achieve the impact you want.

How to Get Followers on Twitter
Here we describe some tips for get more followers on Twitter. Please Note:

Specialized information for your industry
People want and expect that people or companies who follow on Twitter showing specialized information on their sector, whether information about new updates, tips, hints, strategies that work, “how” to do things, and so on. You have to be great filter information and display only relevant information and value to your followers. You should never throw tweets that are not of interest or of little value, because you will begin to disappoint your fans or will pass as a simple number in your TL. Remember it is easy to click the “Unfollow” button. Remember, your followers want someone “expert” to tell them the how, when and why of things.

Communicate your opinions
There is much information on the Internet, we are informed about and take the opinion of people who follow is something that people valued. Dare to comment on things that happen in your industry, your followers will thank you and you’re likely to start an online chat on the subject that you think.

Not everything is working, and giving pills of humor and get a smile to your followers is an excellent way of approaching them. Usually people make a RT to these Tweets and are very popular among people in Twitter. Do not do it all the time, but one tweet a day or 3 a week come in handy to every day of your followers.

Interesting news
Twitter is the social network where the headlines have occupied most of the TL. We’re not talking about news in your sector, but for example in an interesting Conference and do 1 tweet about what you said, this helps people who could not attend to know something of the Conference. Besides this, we know at the time about things that happen in other places such as elections, natural disasters, presentations and so on. We can be a very important news generator.

Recommends who follow
People want to follow interesting people or companies and you can recommend to people or companies that can meet this need. Never stop recommending, this will create a humble and selfless image of a thank you and create your followers perhaps recommending you to their followers.

Talk about you
No need to say your whole life in your TL, but talk about your projects, about the books you read, your interests, your football team and your joy to win the weekend, etc., will bring your followers, They will see you as someone close, someone they can trust, with which they can also share part of your life, and gain a follower who watch for you and also they can recommend and make RT your tweets.