June 15, 2013

According to a study many parents have no idea that their children are doing on social networks

By admin

Despite the ongoing recommendations and reports from different sources that we see daily about being attentive to children’s behavior on the Internet, many parents have no idea of ​​what their children do when interacting on social networks.

children on social networking

So found a study conducted by the company McAfee: Some of the conclusions of this study are:

  • 46% of teens say they would change their online behavior if they know that the parents would be paying attention to what they do.
  • 62% of parents believe that their children can have serious problems.
  • 80% of parents have no idea how to monitor their children’s online activity.
  • 74% of parents say they have no time or energy to see what their children do online.
  • 39% of parents say they tried to use parental controls, but their children usually can circumvent them.
  • 41% of the pre teens have passwords on their mobile apps, which were placed by their parents, but 92% feel knowing the same, while 60% of parents say they do not know that their children know the passwords.
  • 71% of parents believe that they had conversations with their children about online behavior, while only 44% of teens said they had those conversations.
  • 85% of children aged 10 to 12 years have profiles on Facebook, where the minimum age established in the rules of the social network is 13 years.
  • 58% of these children aged 10 to 12, says he knows how to hide their online activities from their parents.
  • 25% of the children is passed between 5 and 6 hours a day online, while parents believe that they are only online between 1 to 2 hours.
  • 88% of teens believe that social networks like Facebook are safe and so continue posting personal information such as email and information about relationships.
  • 95% of adolescents at least have a social networking account: Facebook 86%, Twitter 59%, Instagram 46%, Pinterest 42%, Tumblr 38% and Snapchat 33%.
  • 22% of participants 10-23 years of age, admitted to using mobile devices to conceal their activities from their parents and 75% say they know apps through friends.
  • 27% of participants 10-23 years old, witnessed cruel behavior on social networks. 89% were on Facebook, 36% on Twitter and 19% in Instagram.
  • 58% of participants 18-23 years old, posted comments on those sites. 46% messages with obscene language.
  • 14% of participants 13-23 years old hacking the account of a social network or email to others.