June 17, 2013

Facebook and Twitter submitted official applications for Google Glass

By admin

The augmented reality glasses of Google are attractive to developers and now the two most important social networks in the world, launched its official application for Google Glass.

Twitter google glass app

Facebook and Twitter are already in the catalog of apps that can be installed officially in the Google Glass: Both applications are interesting, but they need to be more complete.

The Facebook app, you take pictures, upload them and share them with friends. Also, you can add text with your voice and even remove if you regret. It still has a long way to go, before delivering a complete experience.

On the side of Twitter, it takes a while testing its app, we find more functions: Write tweets and direct messages (send and reply). In addition, you can create a special list will only see some users.

While Twitter and Facebook are the two most important networks, others like Tumblr and Path not far behind and released their app.

All applications are available for those who participate in the beta of the Google Glass and can be installed without requiring root access.

While these are official, independent developers also launched their own apps, even more complete than those of large companies.

Do you see social potential to the Google Glass?