June 19, 2013

Social analysis tool is new to Twitter

By admin

Twitter has partnered with WPP advertising agency to create a social analysis tool, which seeks to offer their users a platform that allows them to measure their performance and get a hint of the behavior of his followers.

Although this tool has been aimed at advertisers and not the average Twitter user, who may want to take providing Twitter Analytics statistics, and thus know the tweets that have been marked as favorites, number of retweets, replies, and even the number of clicks to links posted.

This strategic alliance gave the words of Martin Sorrell CEO of WPP, because:

The relevance of Twitter continues to grow, not only as a social platform, but also as a showcase of consumer attitudes and behavior in real time.

Certainly the big brands, right now, are using Twitter as a platform that can “listen” to their customers and talk to them in real time.

To access Twitter Analytics, The Social Network added a tab called Analytics, or you can also enter analytics.twitter.com for the most relevant data from your account. However, the statistical information provided is still not as complete as we would expect, but hope that in the coming months will add more options.

It is also important to note that by the time this platform only works for accounts that originate in the United States and publish the messages in that region.