April 12, 2012

Applications to share photos and videos on Twitter

By admin

The super clean and simple Twitter interface, allowing only 140 characters of information, is the main key of this social network of microblogging. A message as concise and summarized provides an opportunity to be creative and just say a few words, something that really grabs the attention of your followers.


What happens when you publish a photography or video to your followers? The answer is simple, if you have the proper tools to make the most to your Twitter account.

Developers from all sides have contributed their bit to create applications that help the user of Twitter to expand its reach; to share photos and videos on Twitter, there are dozens of tools and today share the best:

Tweetafile: This tool handles share files on Twitter. No need to open an extra account and using the same Twitter account, Tweetafile is the easiest way to publish a file to share with your followers.

TwitVid: A online tool with which you can easily share your photos and videos(Computer, webcam or cell phone), on Twitter and Facebook.

Twtgal: To share an entire photographs album, then the best tool is Twtgal. With it you can upload your images to a gallery and with just a link to share them on your Twitter profile.

Flickr Twitter: The social network of Yahoo Images, Flickr, you can also connect to your Twitter account with simple steps that allow you to share information in both sites.