May 15, 2013 Excellent and powerful tool to monitor Twitter accounts

By admin

For sites and blogs that receive many retweets for their articles, it is very easy to lose a conversation on Twitter. The high numbers of RTs are sometimes not allowed to discuss things with the naked eye such as those who are very influential people who make a RT of your articles or who are the people who most interact with your content.

This is where you come to play an important role this free tool called, which allows quick and easy form see who access and share your content with their followers.

With this tool users can also discover those who follow whom to answer and to handle multiple Twitter profiles.

To use only must register and to authorize on Twitter. Then asked to include the URL and name of your site or blog and two key words in which you are interested. After compliment this carries out the monitoring and the first report delivers in dashboard within a few seconds.

It is a full report not only indicates most influential users and offering more RT, also shows users with whom they interact.

Other features are the recommendations given to respond to Tweets, RTs, to follow new users and even provide a list of new followers. If you want you can export reports in PDF format. also offers a Pro service, which is paid and offers many more features, such as creating activity reports over three days, which is the limit for free accounts. is a very powerful tool that should not be missing in the “box” tool of a community manager.