January 11, 2013

Conweets to retrieve our conversations on Twitter or follow other users

By admin

Twitter continues to grow as well that never fail to come up with new applications and services to help us in the management of this social network. The service that we describe today is Conweets and aims to help you find and manage conversations on Twitter.


Conweets emerged under the premise that Twitter did not offer facilities to continue our conversations or conversations between two network users in a simple way, since it is quite necessary to navigate through the exchanged messages. Therefore, creators of Conweets, a couple of college students, created this service that is a conversation and the filter making it easy to follow.

Its operation is very simple as we just have to grant permission to the service to use our Twitter account and then shows a screen with two text boxes to indicate the name of the users whom want to continue their conversations. If we introduce a single account, the service show us that user’s conversations while if we introduce two accounts will see the talks that the two users listed have kept each other.

And now that we know what it is for the service, what purposes should we use it? So for example we can be useful to manage our own conversations or also to see the other users with a formative purpose or learning but, clearly, Conweets will also be used to facilitate the conversations of other people gossip so keep in mind that whereas earlier your conversations were remaining slightly more lost in the jumble of messages, so can now be fully exposed to hit a couple of clicks.