Ready4Social: Social networks administrator that you were waiting for

Social Networking

Ready4Social an administrator of social networking allows us to generate content automatically, thus we can obtain greater online presence through active and interactive profiles that will output the information we need.


Undoubtedly one of the strengths of Ready4Social is its intelligent selection of content, and that just enter some keywords can get the information that we want to publish. In fact to improve results can include negative words and even exclude some sites.

It is also possible to use RSS feeds so that the information published on our website is broadcast to followers of Twitter and Facebook automatically. Here the message is support for programming which appreciate because from its configuration can enable good morning messages (with option to be accompanied by a music video) and decide the time interval between each publication.

Its instant help system, which appears after put the cursor on an entry and explains in detail the function of it. Meanwhile the Weekly Planning proves to be very efficient because from there you can add messages (instant or scheduled) and/or entries the message generator for its publication by days.

Something like to see in an administrator as this is the autosave, as to save the changes press the Refresh button, as well as implementing an auto-save system would be of great benefit to a tool like this.

Also like to see more support for social networks, because currently only offers integration with Twitter and Facebook, but apparently within soon also be able to link LinkedIn and Google+ accounts.

In short, Ready4Social is an interesting tool that all Community Managers and Social Media Managers should try it, but not only them, for any professional user of social networks will bring a great advantage of the features (automatic publication of content, statistics and more) offered Ready4Social platform.


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