January 6, 2013

Twitter will be released on the stock market in 2014 and not now

By admin

Obviously the bad example of Facebook since it has decided to list on the stock exchange has been a good example for others who wanted to go after it. One of them is Twitter, which has decided not to go on the stock market, but wait until 2014.

twitter on the stock market

While Facebook has lost 40% of its value since it was launched in May to the adventure of Wall Street, thanks to a very unclear strategy in terms of advertising revenue model (and partly thanks to overstate their true value), Twitter announced that first need to organize a strategy to focus on stronger revenue than they now have. The social network does not have a business model of large profits.

In the words of its CEO, Dick Costolo, entry into stock market is a decision taken when they think the time is right and who hope to remain a successful company and independent and not before, not to repeat the mistake of Facebook.

For now, Twitter is maintained by some Promoted Tweets and data mining, like it or not, Twitter takes the millions of daily messages that flow through its network.