January 4, 2013

Fruji offers statistics about our followers on Twitter

By admin

Along with growing Twitter are emerging services that help us to work with this network and get statistics on what we do in it. One of these services is Fruji, a simple tool that aims to analyze our followers and offer reports on the influence of our own.


When we give Fruji to read permission on our account, the service analyzes our fans and gives us information as the number of verified accounts that follow us, our most popular followers, spam accounts have also been cast on our list or statistical information on followers, tweets and retweets.

Fruji is not the service completely free. In the Basic mode, which is the free, the service has limitations as the number of audited accounts and most influential accounts which shows information is limited to 10. In addition, the free version does not offer information on the retweets of our publications, which does make a premium version for which you have to pay $5 per year and raises to 50 the limitation with regard to audited accounts and influential.

If you do not have enough with these versions there is also a Pro mode that offers daily updates of our statistical reports, information about which we follow and stop following and unlimited information on audited accounts and influential. The cost of this method is $25 per year.