February 27, 2013

Detects possible spammers within your followers with Twitblock

By admin

Twitter as well as email and many other social networks, it has a very annoying problem, spammers these individuals (commonly robots) who spend sending computer waste.


And although all companies do their best to eliminate this drawback by performing periodic “cleansing” where users are removed more suspects, it is very difficult to eradicate this serious problem, that’s why there are solutions like TwitBlock, with which we can control this problem in a much easier and safer.

TwitBlock is a tool that will allow analysis of our Twitter account to find spammers. This is based on a series of algorithms that detect rare falsehood level of a user, thus the result shown is very accurate.

To carry out the analysis of our own, we will have to enter our username on Twitter and wait for the service to analyze each of our followers. Finally a list display the percentage chance that a user is spammer in turn can ensure that those are marked in red.

Also we can analyze each user separately and see more detailed information, block, or mark it as NOT spam.