July 21, 2016

Do you want to motivate conversations with your followers?

By admin

Do you want to motivate conversations with your followers? Do you want to generate greater commitment to them? In this article I share some ways to achieve this.

conversations with followers

Ask your community
Do you want to motivate conversations with your followers, makes short simple questions, which are easy to answer; you will be surprised to see how your fans will be willing to participate. Launches simple questions and let your followers to reply with their answer. The key is to answer the question is related to the interests of your followers. Another option is to ask the fans to choose between two things. For example, question about Instagram or Pinterest? Cookies or potato chips? Coffee or tea?

Use images
Twitter conducted a study of more than 2 million tweets and thought that the inclusion of a photo can increase retweets even in 35%. The Buffer tool obtained very similar results when conducted a test using tweets with and without images. They found that the tweets with images increased the number of retweets by 150% and the number of clicks by 18%.

Use videos
Did you know that Twitter allows you to videos? The videos are a good way to share your thoughts about a topic, product or service.

Share content from other users
Make a RT is one of the easiest ways to update your Twitter with quality content, in addition to benefits involved users, it helps us to build relationships and be exposed to a much wider audience. Remember that sharing helps take care of relationships and furthermore that it is free!

Share news
Twitter, a very important source of news. In fact many people read the news updates on twitter, if you find any news of interest to your community share to them.

Share your ideas
Do you have ideas about your industry? Share it with your followers. Share your thought is an effective way to provoke conversations with your followers and build a good relationship with them.

Share live events
Do you participate in any important event? Share it. This will allow your followers to be part of what is happening in real time. It may be a conference related to your industry, a popular program or event. If so, be sure to be part of the conversation.

Share tips
Constantly publishes tips on a daily or weekly basis, keeps your followers to pending. What is a little known feature of your product or service? Problems of your product or service and how to solve them?

Post the answers in a not too long tweet, to leave room for any comment of a follower.

Using Hashtags

The Hashjacking is when you use some popular hashtags within your own tweets in order to get more exposure. Knowing the trending hashtags, allow you to tailor your content to match both the message, as the hashtag.

There are two things you need to know before using the trending hashtags. First, investigates the hashtag and conversation that is generated and secondly, make sure the hashtag and conversation are suitable for your brand image.

These tips are very important, because some brands use the hashtags that are inappropriate. This error can create a problem for their brand. For the trending hashtags in your area or country, you can rely on your twitter profile.