twitter closed accounts
August 18, 2016

Twitter closed 235,000 accounts to promote terrorism

By admin

The social network Twitter announced today that closed 235,000 accounts in the last six months as part of its fight against publications that promote terrorism.

twitter closed accounts

With the closing of these accounts, total suspended Twitter accounts rose to 360,000 for his terrorist content since mid-2015, according to the American company based in San Francisco.

Twitter has been under pressure to find the balance between protecting freedom of expression and not to give a platform for terrorist groups to spread violent messages and enroll people to their causes.

The rules of use of the American social network prohibit violent threats and promoting terrorism, but the company had announced in February its intention to step up efforts to enforce them.

At that time, Twitter said they had blocked 125,000 accounts for violating those rules.

“Since that announcement, the world has witnessed a new wave of horrific terrorist attacks around the globe”, the social network said in a blog.

“We strongly condemn these acts and will remain committed to eliminate the promotion of violence or terrorism on our platform”, they added.

The suspensions of daily accounts have increased 80% with respect to last year, and the peaks of this increase occurred in the period immediately after the terrorist attacks, reported Twitter.