September 10, 2016

Twitter incorporates blue double check in their messages

By admin

Twitter continues to be updated with new – although not originals – features. If not long ago they eliminated the limit of 140 characters in the direct messages and added the possibility of sending them to different recipients at once, surprised us with a new feature that we do not know whether it will have very good reception.

twitter incorporates blue double check

The company announced that the direct messages incorporated a new feature for read confirmation, in the form of blue check and time stamp that will tell us what time our recipient has read the message. Yes, it is exactly like what you’re thinking: the blue double check of WhatsApp. So now you have no excuse at the time of ignoring those that send private messages to you because they will know, like it or not, we’ve to read it (or at least we’ve opened).

Twitter also announced a new typing indicator, which will tell us when the other user is writing with whom we are communicating by direct message, as happens in WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger. It also allows previewing the attached links within the messages without having to exit the application.

It is quite clear what Twitter looking with these new changes: would not? The writing indicator function and read receipts are two proprietary applications instant messaging features. It seems that Twitter is using all their remaining bullets in the chamber in order to add new users (especially young people) and not lose those who remain for now. We must not forget that just one year Snapchat able to gain more followers than Twitter and these data are not very encouraging for the microblogging social network.

We do not have very clear how this feature will help Twitter to raise (or keep) its empire because, on the one hand, direct messages have not been strong, but that this has never been their role, but it was a complement of communication. On the other hand, the blue check is one of the most terrible things that have happened to humanity (clear technological sense) in recent times. It has broken couples and friends besides increasing anxiety levels in people.

By the time the function blue check only found in the application for mobile with what, if we want to avoid it until some alternative, we just have to go to read direct messages on the desktop version. Another option is to activate the preview in notifications of our phone, when a message comes to us we will know if to read it in the moment or to wait to see it from the computer to prevent from remaining marked like read.

Like everything in life you have to see the good side; now with this new feature we can know if people really did not read our messages or passing of us cared less.