January 31, 2013

Geolocation and hovercards on Twitter

By admin

We are going to talk about two very interesting features that we can find in this wildly popular microblogging network: geolocation and hovercards. Both were already available via API, but now is part of a comprehensive network. The benefits that we provide are many and very interesting. Only we must be careful with the information we share with others, it is a double-edged sword.

geolocation and hovercards

Geolocation allows using the mouse only know from where the tweet was written at the time. Indication of a specific place on the map and we know the geographical origin of a particular tweet. This feature must be activated prior to the configuration box, but its benefits are curious.

The hovercards are something that we can get much information from the profile of a Twitter user by hovering over avatar. We just have to slide cursor over the photo and instantly get all the information about that user. However, it is not yet activated for all users.

So you see, more and more features that used an external application and are now part of the network. The location is really fashionable, as well as the hovercards, so although it sounds like a cliche yourselves rather careful with the information that you devote as visible in the network.