April 29, 2013

How Does Twitter Help in Gaining Reputation Online?

By admin

How to Manage Your Online Reputation Using Social Media Platforms like Twitter?
If you are responsible for handling your organization’s Twitter or social media activities, you should know few things about Twitter that add so much value in brand building and reputation management. Every business owner and company should integrate social media in their marketing strategies. It is one of the great methods to manage company’s online reputation and boost the brand image.

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Automating Your Efforts on Twitter
Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are useful online resources that help in maintaining positive reputation of your company, brand, or even your personal name. But, contributing your whole time to Twitter would be quite difficult and hence you can make use of tools, which are made especially to ease your job, tweeting many posts, scanning many tweets at once, and doing a lot more.

Using a Live Twitter Feed
It is best to install a live Twitter feed on your blog or site that will give live information from your own social media profile. Try to choose a professional username, which could either be name of your business, or your pen name or original name. Even if you don’t use Twitter on daily basis, in this way you can ensure that no one else could use that name in a negative way and potentially harm your company’s reputation. Make your profile look more appealing, including relevant photos, company logo, and short summary about your company or yourself. Another great thing about having a Twitter profile is that it can help you rank high for certain keyword phrases in Google search results too. If it appears on the top result, it does not only serve as another great channel for people to contact you, but also pushes down the negative comments, if any.

Tweet Daily
Tweeting on daily basis can make your profile to rank in first page. You can post multiple tweets or a single tweet in a day, but ensure that your comments are relevant and informative and you should always maintain the professional tone, especially if you’re managing your company. Do not post too many tweets at once, as people may pay less attention, if they get some notification from you every now and then. Instead of tweeting only self-promoting posts, rather maintain a balance of interactive, informative and self-promoting posts that can keep the potential audience engaged. Consider appropriate language, tone, and Tweet response; you can build a strong online reputation that helps in gaining trust, sales and confidence of your customers.

Building Social Connections
With Facebook or Twitter, you need to have followers and in order to get the, it isn’t a bad idea to follow companies, professionals, or folks, who are relevant to your business. You can also follow regional or local profiles, including radio and local news channel’s profile. Do not follow too many people, as there should be some balance between people you follow and those follow you.

Using the Right Tools
As for an individual, it would be very difficult to follow as many as tweets and see who’re following, but luckily there are some tools that make your life easier, and help you in managing your Twitter account more efficiently.

Hoot Suite
This tool allows users to manage 5 social networking profiles and all tweets can be managed at once. In this way, you can build a strong online reputation, as you multiple sites get the same message across. It is easy to navigate and manage your online reputation using this powerful tool.

This application can be used along with Hoot Suite and generally used by those individuals who’re looking to connect to people with similar interests. Using this tool, you can search people to see which user has tweeted anything about your offerings. In this way, you can also figure out if any of the potential clients on Twitter are interested in your services, and products, and easily turn a new user or follower into your customer.

There’s a lot that you can do with the power of Twitter, and the various tools can help you in monitoring your Twitter account effectively, improving your online reputation and harmonize customer requirements across different social media platforms and build great connections.