March 19, 2013

How to know if you have viruses on Twitter

By admin

It is no secret that the microblogging tool Twitter has gradually evolved into one of the most used communication tools around the world and it is striking as something that is exposed most falls somewhere so “evil”.

viruses on Twitter

Yet it is very easy to find out if any of you have a virus on his Twitter account, since security is based on a trust issue, this means that if you get a message through Twitter from a friend who invites you to visit a certain web page, obviously trust Him because we know the sender of the message and therefore we trust that he not sending spam, much less will lead to a potentially dangerous webpage.

This reliance on known recipients is exploding malware to spread via Twitter. To check if any of us have something “weird” in our account, we only go to the settings of our mind, there ought to check in point of connections which apps have access to our account, so if any of this seems suspicious or not we better bring it up to remove it from that list will thereby revoke access achieve the same to our account and thus avoid the spread of spam and other malicious websites.

With these simple steps have an account “healthy” and especially avoid that our account may be blocked by misuse that we were not giving.