January 24, 2013

How to search people on twitter

By admin

The advanced twitter search engine has plenty of options, but if our intention is to locate someone it is best to use the option “any of these words”.

search people

This is the option that interests us because people options are intrinsic to social network, we are looking for accounts and the way they relate to each other, now they just want to reach someone. This search box, enter the credentials of the person, their name, only your name and surname, his name and his middle name .. we have to play and see what it gives us twitter.

After the search in this way, Twitter will show the results of the search in this case will not only results of user accounts, but also shows the messages where there is overlap with our search words. Now we have to go blind looking at results and see if we have been helpful in our search.

Looking people on twitter with third seekers
We also have the possibility to search on twitter with twitter search engines that do not belong to twitter, some of them very good.

Among the best known for their kindness and abilities can find Twellow, tweepz and etc. .. So if you say that most of these search engines will guide people to follow you or may be of interest to you in response to the theme of your tweets and profile of the users you already follow and those who follow you. If you want to find any person which is not use twitter you can find people by zip codes at MyLife.