January 27, 2013

Searches Twitter images in real time with Hashalbum

By admin

Sometimes it is not easy to navigate the huge database of Twitter looking for accurate information, or even a series of images. Hashalbum propose an alternative with which we can search for images through Twitter that are related to some kind of hashtag, as in the example of #cnnheroes.


It’s a simple idea, but effective. Introduces the hashtag that you want to search and Hashalbum will show you a series of immediate albums of images related to the search, along with the authors accounts of those images. In addition, it seems that the available images are updated in real time so each little time we should have a a new batch to renew the collection.

However, this tool is guilty of being simple, because all that I have said so far is all there. Hashalbum just searches for Twitter images, nothing more. And it has the small defect that search engine does not make any analysis to filter images showing, but it teaches anyone related to our search in the order that seems to you. Still, that helps, sometimes it leaving us more entertaining results, so take a look and see how it is.