May 8, 2009

How to Use Twitter as a Money and Food Diary

By admin

The brevity of Twitter updates makes it an ideal tool to be used to jot down short notes, observations or reminders to yourself. While you can manually record what you eat or spend everyday, your tweets might be difficult to archive in a way which can be viewed with a single glance. That’s where websites like tweetwhatyoueat and tweetwhatyouspend come in. Both of them allow you record what you eat or spend on a daily basis and make it referenceable via an online interface.


Not only you can easily get statistics on what you’re spending, both services can operate under limits… for instance, if you tell yourself that you can only spend $50 a day and set that as a budget limit, tweetwhatyouspend will inform you when you are reaching that threshold so you won’t exceed it.

Pretty useful. Ideally, both services should be used while you are on-the-go/mobile so you can update even when you are outdoors but if you have a good memory, you can come back on, get online and manually update it. If you’re a mobile Twitter user, both sites will be terrific way to track what you eat or spend.

There’s also a social aspect to both sites, you can look at what other people are spending money on or eating and then share thoughts about that. If you’re not into that, you also have the option of keeping your private activities.