May 23, 2013

SocialBro announces new tool to create campaigns through Twitter DMs

By admin

The excellent analytical and implementation of community management of Twitter, SocialBro, has just announced a new tool called “Twitter DM Campaigns” which offers companies the ability to send DMs directed to the right audience, with the possibility to measure the effectiveness of campaigns.

socialbro twitter DM

One of the most important features of this tool is the possibility of using filters and search for SocialBro to be able to segment the audience that we want to reach with direct messages.

Examples of segmentation can be for Influence, Professional Sector, location and other variables.

An example of a campaign can be the following: We can send a DM to a group of professionals in a given industry who are in a city, with a link to a special landing page created exclusively for this campaign with a promotion.

According to Javier Buron, CEO of SocialBro:

“How powerful this tool is the ability to find the target of each campaign through various search options and filters of SocialBro”

“Twitter DMs are a convenient way to communicate with your contacts, however many brands and people use this important resource for ‘spamming’ to their followers with automatic and repetitive content”

Buron also comments that “created these” Twitter DM campaigns “to help professionals to send personalized and useful content to their followers and not to encourage the practice of spam”.

This tool is also integrated into bitly to allow users to analyze the effectiveness of the campaign when they include a link in the DM.