April 17, 2015

Streamalong shows you being transmitted through Periscope

By admin

Streamalong is a web application that allows you to discover which users are broadcasting the new live video streaming application from Twitter, Periscope.


This web application is similar to Meerkat Streams that lets you see all Meerkat streaming, although Streamalong also show a video feed, also offers a classification of them into 12 categories including food, fashion and animals. It also shows a list of popular hashtags.

The feed displays verified users transmissions and transmissions which are being conducted at that time.

When you find transmissions that are interested in, just click on it and it will transport them to the place of Periscope to see the transmission by the web.

It is a new application, so it is not perfect, the organization of transmissions in some cases leaves much to be desired, but at least you can get to find interesting transmissions, as with Meerkat Stream.