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April 14, 2015

10 Tips to Use Twitter for Business

By admin

So, you want to use Twitter for business. Smart idea! Social media is a really great way to target your market more effectively. If you don’t bother getting involved, you could be missing out on a boatload of traffic and sales. Twitter can help you to build your brand, engage with your audience and build connections. You can really get noticed if you use Twitter the right way! So how do you go about it? With these 10 tips…

twitter for business

image by Rosaura Ochoa

1. Be Consistent
You must post consistently if you want to use Twitter for business. Posting sporadically will make people unfollow you and lose trust in your brand.

2. Post During Peak Times
Posting during peak times is the best way to make sure most of your audience view what you have to say. There are apps that can do this for you!

3. Keep a Consistent Brand Voice
By keeping a consistent brand voice, your followers will be able to connect better with you and recognise you.

4. Respond to Tweets
Whenever you’re tweeted, good or bad, respond to them. If you don’t, you’ll get a bad rep! Thank as many people as possible for good tweets and redeem yourself if you get a bad tweet.

5. Get Involved With Discussions
Get involved with discussions in your industry by using the power of hashtags! You’ll get more engagement this way, and the more engaged you are, the more exposure you’ll get.

6. Hire a Social Media Manager
If you’re serious about using Twitter for business, don’t hesitate to hire a social media manager. They can concentrate on all of the small things, like posting at the right time, while you concentrate on things you’re good at.

7. Share High-Quality Pictures
High-quality pictures are a must for social media. They get way more click throughs than regular posts too! The overall design of your Twitter profile should be well thought out too.

8. Share Relevant Information from Other Sources
Don’t just share your own content. Share relevant content from other sources too!

9. Don’t Get Too Promotional
Getting promotional on social media is one of the worst things you can do. People will get bored of you and unfollow you. It’ll have the opposite effect of what you want it to have! You can promote sometimes, but you need to make sure you’re doing it right.

10. Get Involved with Trends
Everyday Twitter shows what’s trending. Get involved with these trends by talking about them and sparking a bigger discussion. Remember to only post things on Twitter that you’re happy to be out there forever! Make sure your tweets can’t be taken the wrong way or misconstrued either.

Using Twitter for business will be so worth it if you can figure out how to do it right. Do your business a favour and build your profile now!