August 21, 2013

Study shows how brands use Twitter

By admin

According to a study conducted by Brandwatch, 97% of major brands are using Twitter in 2013, which is a sharp increase from 2011, in which only 62% of the marks used this information network and an increase of 7% compared to 2012 that was 90%.

The study involved a survey involving 250 leading brands in the U.S. and the UK. The same could be determined that 66% of companies use multiple accounts. They also found that in the last year 57% of companies have changed with tools that manage tweets and U.S. companies publish many more tweets than the United Kingdom.

Another interesting fact is that 30% of companies use Twitter from the website and 18% do so through Hootsuite. 38% of companies never used the Twitter website.

In 2012 50% of companies published tweets less than 7 times a week and 10 top brands send tweets between every 6 to 20 minutes, but with the surprise that none of these companies is on the list of those that have more engage.

My Clever Agency, with the most important data of the study created the following infographic.

brands use Twitter