August 19, 2013

Retweet Lab: New free tool from HubSpot to analyze Twitter account

By admin

HubSpot has just launched a new free tool called Retweet Lab, which allows you to analyze a Twitter account to know different characteristics that make a tweet to get more or less Retweets.

Retweet Lab

To use this web application only need to authorize it in Twitter and within seconds provides a report with graphs showing different analysis.

Among other data, you can know what day of the week and time of day your tweets get more RT’s. It also indicates the amount of average character of the tweets with more Retweets.

It also analyzes hashtags and links that we include in tweets, indicating what kind of tweets get more RT’s (with or without hashtags and links).

Using Retweet Lab is free and generally while not a deeper analysis, gives us enough information that can help us improve the number of RTs that we received by each tweet published through our accounts.