September 5, 2012

Topsy Free Analytics: free analysis of activity and links on Twitter

By admin

Topsy has just released a free tool called Topsy Free Analytics, to analyze and compare up to three different keywords which may include domains, hashtags and even usernames.

Topsy Free Analytics

This tool can get to look at the billions of posts, pages and public tweets. The search can be done at a specific time range that can go from the last 24 hours, until a month ago.

It also analyzes links by each one of the key words in the search, showing when a story is more commented. The main features are as follows.

Free Version:

  • Analysis of activity – show mentions within Twitter that are meaningful and valid. Significant means that the tweet has been RT or contains a link and valid means that its have put aside any account robot or sources of spam.
  • Link Analysis – The data trends reflect all tweets that contain links or RT have been input by the terms.

Also launched a Pro version that offers the following features:

  1. Trends Links – URL’s trends identified in topics, media types and domains or web sites.
  2. Sentiment rating – Quantification of feelings and counter negative and positive tweets.
  3. Exposure Analysis – Gross Exposure Tweets, people, terms or hashtags.
  4. TimeLine Event Analysis – Originators of communication and amplifiers identified by any trend.
  5. Influence Analysis – Identify influential people on any topic and deepen their communication.