July 10, 2013

Tweet Binder: Word analysis platform and Twitter hashtag, adds more features

By admin

Tweet Binder, which allows to carry out a full analysis of words and the Twitter hashtag. To cool down the memorable, Tweet Binder is a very comprehensive platform, free of charge, offering users the following advantages:

tweet binder

  • Helps the user to classify tweets hashtag into categories: positive, negative, for each speaker in an event and any other category you want to create. For this there are no limits.
  • Offers global statistics of the hashtag and statistics for each category of tweets that we create.
  • Offers the possibility to create as many comparative graphs of categories as the user wants to.
  • From that service just a couple of new features that have been incorporated into service at the request of users.

    One of them is the ability for users to free accounts to save the session and access to the old ones that were created. To give an example if you are looking for by technology, from today, that session is saved automatically.

    The other new feature is that you can now filter tweets by date. Interesting features, which add more value to a very good service.