April 22, 2009

Twibes: Recommend Twitter Users to Follow

By admin

Twibes helps you to recommend people you follow on Twitter to your Twitter followers. By logging in, you can pick and choose 5 names by clicking on their avatars or type in their full username. After which, Twibes will allow you to send an update to your Twitter account with one click. Your followers will then see your recommendations and they can head to Twibes to check out more.


This is nice but a little redundant because you can do this manually without accessing the Twibes interface. Maybe it will be helpful to actually see the avatars but don’t think its really that essential. There is however a social element to Twibes, you can start your own Twitter groups and then get people to join them.

Again, not much point when there aren’t many features that allow you to directly interact with your fellow group members through Twibes itself. The ability to send a message to all members in the same group would be fantastic but this is something lacking as well.

All in all, a simple tool for you to recommend people to follow on Twitter. Try it only if you’re too lazy to look through your follow list and can’t remember who’s interesting.