February 1, 2009

Twistori: An ending stream of Twitter intimacy

By admin

The public display of emotions has increased in the digital age. It’s all so accelerated nowadays. Words and individual expression come pouring out like water into the ears of anyone who is willing to hear, even when there is no intended audience. Twitter is like blogs on steroids when it comes to sharing of individual feelings on just every topic, no matter how trivial or important.


Twistori is a site that captures the thoughts, feelings and hopes of twitter users. It pulls tweets containing the words love, hate, think, believe, feel and wish and displays them in an unending stream. It’s very addictive to watch, perhaps partly because its all anonymous. The tweets are not linked to the specific user, although you could easily do a search to find out who they are.

I like the sense of intimacy, kinda like a confessional.. with everyone speaking at once.