August 9, 2013

Twitter facilitates the search for photos on mobile application

By admin

Microblogging network twitter announced enhancements to the access check and added a gallery of images in the search menu in mobile application for devices running Android and iOS operating systems.

twitter search photo gallery

In its official blog, Twitter announced three improvements you have included in application updates for IOS and Android.

Access Verification: From now on Twitter and will not request your phone number to verify your access. International support for verification of access. Another improvement in security is messages that alert you when someone tried to access your account from another side of the world.

New search photo gallery: The menu now facilitates the search for images, featuring photographs related among themselves.

Social context: As introduced on last week, now the mobile application offers suggestions based on social context, so the user can see how it is connected with other users.

These updates meet the demands of users. Social networks strive every day to provide better services to their customers, functions that can be leveraged by brands.