February 17, 2013

Twtmailer: Twitter in your email

By admin

A few days ago a study showed that 90% of tweets (Twitter messages) are sent by only 10% of users, this means that only a tenth of the service users properly exploited.


This little use is because most are casual users, and thus can send tweets only when you open the browser and that for various reasons can not use a desktop client, and this causes left out of the talks.

To be aware of all the topics discussed by the users who’re still not constantly connected microblogging client (so they can participate more actively) you can use the service called Twtmailer, which will allow you to receive in your email the tweets that are directed to your Twitter account (specifically the @user).

This service will keep you active in any conversation without the need to use a client, as if it were offline messages. To suit your needs you can set the frequency with which the service must collect the tweets, for my part with two times a day is enough for me to both.

I know people who do not need this service, because his Twitter account is like a pulmotor, if you disconnect them lose consciousness and die (which fits the boot to put it).