February 19, 2013

Use Twitter while eating is a bad idea

By admin

Some things do not go well together: Drinking and driving or call by sending text messages when you’re drunk, because the consequences can be dangerous. Today, we add another couple dangerous to the list.

use twitter while eating

If you’re going to eat not to use Twitter, and if you are eating, you will not dare to use the network of 140 characters. The combination is bad and can leave you with several kilos more, since you do not concentrate on how much you’re consuming.

When we are looking at the computer screen, tablet or smartphone, our mind is focused on the virtual activities and anything else becomes a mechanical act.

So, you might be carrying food that you don’t need to mouth and faster than it should. In addition, you may not even remember that you ate, leading to feed off the clock.

Surely more than once you advantage of lunch hour to check your Twitter or posting tweets, so we recommend end to swallow before you return or start your twitter activities.

But Twitter is not the only social network that leaves us with extra kilos. Facebook, is recognized by those who used to get gain weight and have disordered finances.