5 fictional characters who have accounts on Twitter

Twitter Celebrities

Constantly, we are surrounded by news about the latest developments in the life of many celebrities, singers, famous actors, actresses, politicians of renown, writers, etc. and we forget all those fictional characters that have their own life through the wonders of Hollywood and TV, and also have something to say.

Homer Simpson

Seeking Twitter we found a large number of fictional characters who have their account and make updates to profile as any other celebrity. Perhaps it is a character much loved and dear to you, so we invite you to make fan of these accounts and be aware of your upcoming events.

Homer Simpson
The protagonist of the most popular cartoon (The Simpsons) and more chapters in the world won the hearts of fans with its many occurrences, and sometimes very stupid behavior. Married to Marge Simpson with three children, Homer works at nuclear silver Springflied; to follow him on Twitter know more about his life and chores. He has over 60,000 active users in the network and still rising.

Spiderman (Marvel)
This Marvel character has been with us for many years, but recently his films were made. Spider-man 4 will be released to the big screen next year. Spiderman has its own Twitter account, where update of the film, trailers, curious notes, important information, etc. In addition to this character, the company promotes other Marvel characters in comic strips and Twitter profile has more than 150,000 active supporters.

One of the most controversial characters of Futurama cartoon is the robot Bender. His black humor and high human feelings ironically do very natural and spontaneous. On his Twitter account, he makes several updates with typical sarcasm and complete distaste for everything that happens around him. His profile has more than 23,000 active supporters.

Harry Potter
Harry Potter revolutionized the world of magic on the big screen with his series of films based on the book by writer JK Rowlings with over 400,000 followers, Harry Potter’s profile on Twitter is one of the most popular and entertaining, that made updates about their characters, stories, etc.

Another of the most famous fictional characters worldwide, although with fewer features compared with other fantastic as Superman and Spiderman, Batman has always been noted for their intelligence on how to resolve their cases against evil. His Twitter profile has over 200,000 followers and updates focus more on movies and the world of show business, commenting from his original view.


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