Certificate of age of a Twitter account

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Through Twbirthday we can obtain a certificate from the age of a Twitter account, ie it is a tool that we can know the date of registration in the social network Twitter also offers us an image certificate with the birth date of the account Twitter just by entering the name of the account.

certificate age of a Twitter account

Among other data it is possible to meet the first person who started a Twitter account activity following it, which is called Sponsor as applicable, so that is one more option that emerged from the success of Twitter on the Internet.

Interestingly, this certificate has a very creative design that is also a way to commemorate or celebrate the birthday of a Twitter account and also allows us released a series of data and information about it, the name by which shows the certificate refers to the birth certificate and the first line you can see the account name, and below this line you can find the date of birth of the Twitter user while in the last line can see the name the first person or user you followed on Twitter as well as months, days, hours and years which has duration Twitter account.


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