January 30, 2012

Antivirus for Facebook and Twitter

By admin

With the popularity of social networks like Facebook and Twitter also develop complementary applications specifically on the issue of security, such as the following antivirus specially designed for social networking, first find an application called Safego for facebook an application that is installed and provides different additional security features such as for example the analysis of the content posted by users of Facebook and warnings about links to external content based on a black list.

antivirus for Facebook and Twitter

In regards the application designed for Twitter which is known as Safego for Twitter is a protection that scans and detects fake profiles on Twitter, additionally also filters and analyzes the external links on pages that may contain some questionable content.

In conclusion we can say that are 2 interesting applications and features that will surely provide greater safety and security in both social networking antivirus together with the user, plus it has the support and confidence a company like BitDefender.