February 22, 2012

2012 reached 16.000 Twitter tweets per second

By admin

One of the interesting facts about Twitter is precisely that with the arrival of 2012 will reach a record high of 16,000 tweets per second, representing more than double last year, a situation which certainly every year will become a relevant fact of this social network primarily by the continued growth of this platform.

twitter tweets per second

For this reason the site stayed inactive in different countries at some times but later continued messages that contained the best wishes for the new year mainly with Hashtags like #HappyNewYear and #2012. Thus Twitter started the year with a new record especially in such an important date.

This had major repercussions in Japan basically when users performed the celebrations in 2012, being at the time when the operation was interrupted in initially, repeating each time in each of the countries with higher population density, also this fact demonstrates the challenges that the hit is exposed mainly social network when global events as relevant as in this case the new year 2012, it certainly is quite surprising the number of information flowing through Twitter.