February 19, 2012

Conduct surveys on Twitter with PollMyTweets

By admin

One alternative to be found to conduct surveys on Twitter is just the online application called PollMyTweets, this tool provides a way to send requests to the Twitter followers to participate in a survey in a very quick and easy way.


The procedures for using this function is very simple and basically consists of input from a Twitter account and then conduct the survey and get a link by which fans can cast their votes in the created survey. From the link you can also see the result with the answers that can also create more surveys if necessary.

This tool is very interesting especially because of the ease with which surveys are conducted, in addition to the platform is very clear about its operation, in addition to its overall design is simple and therefore very fast process the development of surveys that primarily uses the hashtag function, and precisely what the application is automatically put the question along the time line with a link and a reference to vote in the poll.