April 8, 2012

Animals backgrounds for Twitter

By admin

The success of Twitter, among other things, due to the ease with which the user can use its interface, without complicated codes or features difficult to understand. The basic idea is simple, 140 characters to post information on the personal profile, which the followers of the user can see in real time.


The possibilities for customization are not many either, only certain spaces of limited and the background can be changed with themes chosen by the user. The space devoted to Twitter background is quite broad and, if known to use it, you can take advantage.

Taking accurate measurements for the background, you yourself can create a design that works and is interesting for you, but if you prefer to download a specific fund, there is a series of websites that offer hundreds of high quality designs.

In tweetygotback there is a collection of backgrounds with themes of animals for Twitter, but unlike those commonly found on the Internet, these are more artistic and almost all include a nice message to think and reflect. For example, you can find a bird believed to be an eagle, a cute smoker, or the embrace of a giraffe with a dinosaur, and many others.

To the choose the design background you like, you see before you download and use, a preview that lets you know if you really like or if you prefer to look elsewhere.

If you like, then you simply use the buttons to apply the background directly to your Twitter account without having to do it manually.