April 15, 2012

Applications to spice up your Tweets

By admin

The Twitter, are always seeking new and better ways to make use of the 140 characters provided by the window Twitter. Searching the web the top applications to spice up your Twitter, we find a varied list and interesting to share below:


Twitpic: With just a space of 140 characters, it is difficult to share many resources and forces the user to be creative in the way in which publishes information. Fortunately you can easily share photos on Twitter using the application Twitpic.

TwtGal: Like Twitpic, this application allows you to create a gallery of images that you can then share with your followers.

Yfrog: A tool that can read your older tweets, update your profile, find new fans and share videos easily.

Qik: Making use of the technology of cell phones, Qik allows you to share videos that you have recorded in real time of a quick and clean way with your Twitter followers.

Twitterkeys: In 140 characters you can say many things, but to prevent the text is boring and repetitive, you can add interesting characters that give life to your message.

Each of these applications is free and offers a quality service that will give some movement and interest to your Twitter account.