July 8, 2012

Easily create social network site

By admin

Creating social networks sites is not restricted to specialists in computer programming. Many web design company offer design social networking site. Iflexion is the world best web development company providing service to design social network site.

create social network site

Also several online services “turn-key” simply allow for building online communities, social networks, groups and collaborative work. They are based on the features offered by Facebook or Twitter for example. And that to meet different objectives: marketing (create a community of fans), productivity gains, through the exchange of knowledge and expertise. Here’s an overview of the features of some tools to easily create their own online community.

Ning allows you to create a social site on measurement, to promote interaction between community members. This web platform offers tools and features inspired by the general social networks:

  • Public Member Profiles
  • Community space: blog, discussion forums, chats
  • Flow of activities to allow community members to share articles and other content (photos, videos)
  • Social features: likes, comments.
  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Features, management tools and administration

  • An administration panel to manage members access permissions, site visibility.
  • A graphic styles configuration interface: to customize the themes, website layout, tabs, menus, etc.
  • Tools for SEO
  • Monetization options: selling online, insertion of ads, creating Premium spaces.
  • Analytics tool to track the most active members, and improve the interactivity of its website.
  • A module of e-mail marketing.

Like Ning, Grou.ps is a platform for creating web sites and social communities of interest / groupware. It is based on open source software.

Features, management tools and administration

  • Third party applications to enrich the interaction within the community: forums, blogs, wiki, events (calendar), photos, videos, etc..
  • Application to organize fundraising.
  • Moderation options and rights management for advanced users.
  • Grou.ps can create their own applications for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android.
  • Availability of almost 70 templates to customize the graphic styles of its communities.
  • Monetization options.